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Posted by admin on May 24, 2014

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Other Issues

Posted by johnsmith on
A salutary lesso: Fire!

Earlier this month, and in the small hours, I had cause to call out the fire brigade to what proved to be a major blaze close to several properties in the village. Whilst the brigade responded extremely quickly, there was a considerable delay is actually tackling the fire due to difficulty gaining access to the site. Eventually, hoses had to be dragged some hundred yards or so from the fire engine.

The magnitude and heat of the fire can be judged through the knowledge that having attended for two hours, the brigade were re-called a further two hours later given that the fire had re-kindled.

I think we all need to heed two things:-
• Especially in dry periods (there has been less rain this September than for many years), any outdoor fire lit should be made absolutely safe and known to be extinguished before being left.
• Access to our properties needs to be sufficient for a fire engine to get there quickly and easily
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