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Broadband in the Village

Posted by dikallison on
There have been reports that some people are getting very low broadband speeds in the village. For info, my broadband connection is c. 7Mbits/sec. shows an actual speed of about 5Mbits/sec. I am with BT.
Posted by dikallison on
Further to my note above, I have now moved my router so that it is plugged directly into the master socket and gained an extra 1Mbit/sec. The figure is now 8.2Mb/s. I have also fitted an 'iPlate' to the master socket. This speeds things up a bit. You can either blag one off a telephone engineer or buy one for about £6. It takes about 1 minute to fit.
Posted by dikallison on
My router seems to have a fault, so I replaced it with my old one and the speed has gone yet again to 9.1 Mbs.
Posted by dikallison on
Egmanton (and Laxton) are due to be upgraded to faster broadband in the period April-Sep 2015. This will involve a fibre optic link from the exchange to the village (probably the green box by the bus shelter). The connection to the house will remain copper as at present. The speed should be in the high tens of megabits/second - getting on for 10 times faster than at present, depending on how far your house is from the box. For more details visit:
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