Welcome to the Official Website of Egmanton, Nottinghamshire

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Welcome to the official website for the village of Egmanton in Nottinghamshire, UK.

Residents of the village are invited to register to allow them to see restricted pages and to comment on issues of interest.

Egmanton Parish Meeting 5th March 2020

Egmanton Village Hall – 8pm


  1. Apologies

  2. Approval of minutes of meeting held on 6th February 2020

  3. Matters arising

  4. Correspondence

  5. New road surface scheduled for May 2020 – talk by Mr Ian Patchett, Asset Manager, Via EM Ltd. Questions welcomed including re road drains

  6. Case for 20 mph speed limit through village – resident petition?

  7. Reports from County and District Councillor

  8. AOB

  9. Date of next meeting to be decided

 The minutes of previous meetings are held on the Parish Meeting page

Parish Accounts

The audited Parish Accounts are now available.

Click here to view them.

Ambulance Response Times

Click here to view a communication from the Ambulance Service about response times to rural areas.

BT, Microsoft and HMRC Scams

There has recently been a significant increase in scam telephone calls purporting to be from BT, Microsoft or HMRC.

The BT calls say that your internet connection is compromised and will be terminated unless you press '1'. Microsoft will try to convince you your PC is compromised. HMRC calls try to tell you you have unpaid tax.

THESE ARE ALL SCAMS. The advice is:

  1. These bodies will never call you out of the blue and will never object to a request to deal with things in writing.
  2. Just hang up - don't press any buttons and don't speak with anyone.
  3. If a person does speak to you, do not reveal ANY information, including even innocuous-sounding requests,  and tell them to put the matter in writing to your address (which you don't reveal). Do not accept any excuses why this is not possible - just hang up.
  4. If you have call blocking, then after hanging up dial 1572 then select option 1 then 1 again. This will block the number from calling you again. If you don't know if you have call blocking, try 1572 anyway - it will tell you if you don't have the service. Unfortunately, this won't be completely successful as the spammers have many numbers to call from.